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Ambrosia is a ranged attack ground unit.

Her skill does AOE DMG and also heals. It is a low cooldown (3 sec after skill used) but does not go lower than 2 rage cost (at lvl 18).

Ambrosia has Wizard Mercenaries and can pair well with Skull Mage's active skill and divine.

Ambrosia can take advantage of a wide variety of equipment including the Arcane Tome, the Thunder Blade, and the Thorned Bow.

The Arcane Tome is useful during attacking to boost her her ATK and Crit Rate due to her wizard mercenaries.

The Thunder Blade is also useful in boosting her ATK and HP. The Thunder Blade is useful on any ranged hero and several melee types.

The Thorned Bow is useful during defense as she can knock melee heroes back from reaching her especially with her extended range attack with Fortitude based Evolution.

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