EXP Fusion is the main way Heroes can gain EXP, and in turn, level up. A hero "consumes" other heroes or EXP Eggs to gain EXP. All heroes and EXP Eggs give a certain amount of EXP, which depends on their rarity.

Heroes or EXP Eggs can also act as a temporary "storage" of EXP. When a hero is fused with another hero, any EXP that they had gained so far is completely transferred to the receiving hero, with additional EXP provided by that hero itself. There is no EXP lost in the fusion process, which means that it is advantageous to store EXP in Eggs or other heroes in order to provide more space in the Hero Vault .

During EXP fusion, players can use the Auto select function. This automatically selects all EXP Eggs and all level 1 heroes that are of the lower rarity. This handy function allows player to quickly fuse those unused low level heroes, usually obtained from free hires and reward chests.

EXP Gain Edit

Hero Rarity EXP Awarded EXP Egg EXP Awarded
Normal 20 Green EXP Egg 20
Good 100 Blue EXP Egg 100
Rare 400 Purple EXP Egg 500
Epic 1200 Gold EXP Egg 1500
Glory Egg 10 Coral EXP Egg 7500