Equipment is acquired by purchasing through the forge shop, fusing of shards, and through special events.

Equipment shards, materials, and EXP stones are acquired through El Dorado, the forge shop, the alchemy workshop, and also through special events.

Equipment can be assigned to any hero, one piece of equipment per hero. Each equipment increases specific passive attributes as well as grants the assigned hero a specific passive skill.

In order to advance in El Dorado you must meet certain power requirements. Power is determined by the equipment's level, evolution level, and material slots filled. If equipment is assigned to an aid of a hero the power value is halved.

Upgrading EquipmentEdit

Equipment starts out a lvl 1 and is a green color. Equipment is leveled up with EXP stones and as it is leveled up, slots become open on it to assign specific materials to. When filled these slots grant an increase to a specific attribute as stated in the description of that slot. Each equipment has 5 slots that need to be filled with the correct materials. When all of the slots are filled the equipment can be evolved. All but the first evolution require equipment shards to accomplish. When equipment is evolved it becomes more powerful granting increased attributes and a stronger passive skills.

There are four evolutions each matching the 4 types of heroes in base color; Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold (or Orange). Each evolution stage has 4 levels of evolution, blank, 1, 2, and 3.

The EquipmentEdit