Evolution Essence can be used to upgrade a hero's evolution path without needing to fulfil the usual evolution requirements. Each evolution level requires a different amount of essence. Evolution essence can currently only be used for the heroes: The Abyss Demon, Ambrosia, Arcane Caster, Arctic Lord, Berserker, BullHead, Carol d'Belle, Chiron, Djinni, Enchantress, Great Sage, Landslide, Pan Goli, Pounder, Rath, Renee Ven, Sapphirix, Toxic Shaman and Won Ton. Each of these heroes has their own essence stone, which can be used on them only.

Evolution Level Essence RequirementsEdit

Evolution Stage Essence Required
Aries 1
Taurus 2
Gemini 7
Cancer 12
Leo 16
Virgo 20
Libra 24
Scorpio 27
Saggitarius 30
Capricorn 45
Aquarius 50
Pisces 66

Total to Pisces, purely using essences = 300.

To use Essences -

Sample (Arctic Lord @ Libra)


Ambrosia Enlightenment Video

Clash Of Lords 2 Ambrosia Enlightenment!

Clash Of Lords 2 Ambrosia Enlightenment!