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Some info about heroes...

Heroes are essential in Clash of Lords 2. Heroes are sorted into different tiers made up from: Normal, Good, Rare and Epic. Something that separates our games from others is the huge variety of Heroes available to players and their short regeneration cool downs.

In Clash of Lords 2, your heroes will re-spawn or regenerate in your base fairly quickly if they fall in battle; this means you can spend more time clashing and less time waiting. In fact, some attack modes are not attached to your re-spawn timer so you can take advantage of some of the other play modes between attempts at those that rely on re-spawn.

Clash of Lords 2 offers a variety of options for players with different styles. If you play for short periods a day you can automate much of the daily rewards to a high degree to save time and maximize awesomeness! If you like to micro-manage and execute complicated strategies and play that require precise timing and patience then take control of your lords and ensure victory! You can build and play the team you want; Emphasizing various types of melee, ranged and even flying heroes and mercenaries! As in most things, some balance will go a long ways towards your dreams of conquest and domination.

Normal Heroes have green boarders and include: Shock Trooper, Dead Eye and Snifferoos,

These heroes can be obtained through most game modes they are the weakest and least worthy of investment of rings, souls or eggs.

Good heroes have blue boarders and include: Mechanoid, Ogre Chief, Crackshot, Bad Bone, Shadowsword, and Battle Beetle

These heroes can be obtained through most game modes and are generally unworthy of investment of rings or souls

Rare heroes have purple boarders and can be obtained through most game modes and have occasional uses into mid and late game. They include: Hercules, Shinning Wizard, Dragon Rider, Exokid, Pyro Pete, Arcane Warlock, Armored Villian, Head Hunter and Robin Hood.

Of particular interest is Pyro Pete, who's ability buffs himself and ALL sharpshooter mercenary allies. Combine with Renee ven and Chiron for a very synergistic combo! Shinning wizard can amplify the power of wizard based teams as an aid and dragon rider can mass buff collosar drakes in much the same way as pyro pete buffs sharpshooters. Pyro pete, because of his ease of obtaining him is one of the best early game investments in terms of rings and souls.

Epic Hereos can only be obtained through 3 or 10x hero hires, special events and rewards from IGG. They have Gold boarders. You can get them for being active on the forums, logging in every day, various cyclical in game events etc. The most reliable and regular way to get them is through 10x hero hires where you are guaranteed at least one each time you do it.

Epic heroes are the strongest and where you should focus almost all of your resources, like gems rings and souls. Different heroes will be stronger in different situations. It's up to you to take advantage or resources in game and out to build the team that will best suit your goals and style. If you are focused on Guild clash, you may upgrade certain heroes first or try to get them faster. If your ambition is in Arena it will mean different choices, if it's in hero trials that will mean yet different decisions. Choose your investments wisely because if you do, they will have high returns (allow you to get more resources faster in the future)

As soon as you start clashing you will start building your roster and collection of heroes. The game has been updated many times sense it's launch and with those updates some of the strategies changed and evolved and new game modes have been added as well as new heroes. That is to say that what might not seem so powerful today may get a buff in the future or become an integral part of your team. It is this author's humble suggestion that you keep one of every Epic hero you get. You may want to hold off fusing the 2nd and even 3rd or more of some to utilize them as hero aids before you level your main one as well. There are endless ways to strategize and build your team and while it's simple and easy to get in and start clashing the game is very deep and offers the interested and dedicated player a very deep, complex and evolving game that you can enjoy by yourself, with friends and family around the corner or strangers and friends around the world.

Good Luck, Have fun and happy clashing!