Jewels are the game's premium currency. They can be obtained by paying real money or completing tasks in game. It is represented by a green diamond.


Obtaining Jewels Edit

The easiest way of gaining large amount of jewels is to buy them in the Shop with real money. Purchasing jewels can also get additional bonuses in various ongoing events in game.

Jewels can be gained for free by completing the following tasks:

Tasks Rewards Occurrence
Specify an in game name. 20 Once
Link User ID to Facebook. 100 Once
Give Clash of Lords 2 a 5-Star rating. 200 Once
Share the app on Google+. 100 Once
Join a Guild. 300 Once
Invite a friend. 100 Repeatable1
Get a set amount of Gold in Resources Raid. 150 Daily
Fight in the Lords League 5 times. 150 Daily
Begin a Campaign. 150 Daily
Fight in the Battle Royale. 150 Daily
  1. The Invite a friend task can be repeated for 20 times, for a total of 2,000 Jewels.

Various amount of Jewels can also be obtained for free through:

Spending JewelsEdit

Jewels can be spent in many aspects of the game to gain game play advantages. Examples are: