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Scrolls are a type of usable item that provide bonuses in different aspects of the game. Scrolls are only achievable through in-game Events and through the Base Chest .

Game Mode ScrollsEdit

These scrolls provide players with extra chances within a certain game mode. There are:

Scroll Bonus
Hero Arena Scroll

+1 Hero Arena Chance


+1 Lords League Chance

A maximum of six game mode scrolls can be applied in one day.

Time ScrollsEdit

These scrolls provide time reductions for buildings being upgraded. They can be applied to any currently upgrading sturcture to speed up their construction.

Time Scroll Time Reduction
Speed Scroll (5 min)
5 Minutes
1 Hour
Speed Scroll(8hrs)
8 Hours
Speed Scroll(24hrs)
24 Hours

There is no limit to the amount of time scrolls that can be applied to a construction.