Hero ShardsEdit

Hero shards, which look like jigsaw puzzle pieces, are a rare type of resource that can be used to both evolve a hero and to create a hero when you have enough of that hero's shards. 

Obtaining Hero ShardsEdit

Hero Shards can be obtained by:

  • Buying them from the Mystic Shop in Campaign Clash
  • Collecting daily shard rewards from your inbox
  • Obtaining prizes in daily Events like Lords Gone Wild
  • Making them in the Alchemy Workshop
  • Breaking down existing heroes into their existing shards - where each hero returns exactly 80% of their total shard count. So for breaking down an Arcane Caster who has a total shard count of 1500, a player will get 1200 Arcane Caster shards in return.

Spending Hero ShardsEdit

Hero shards can be spent on:

  • Creating heroes - Most new heroes require a total of 1500 shards to be fused together to make a copy of the hero, while older and less powerful heroes may require much less. For the hero Blitz Bomber a player only needs 150 of his shards to make a copy of him, whereas a hero like Arcane Caster needs 1500.
  • Evolving heroes - Shards of each hero are required to evolve them to a higher level. To fully evolve a hero, most heroes require a total of 12,000 shards.

Equipment ShardsEdit

Equipment shards function similarly to Hero shards - they are needed to create and evolve equipment.

Obtaining Equipment ShardsEdit

Equipment Shards can be obtained by:

Spending Equipment ShardsEdit

Hero shards can be spent on:

  • Creating equipment - All types of equipment have a total shard count of 50. When this count is reached the shards can be fused to make an equippable piece of equipment.
  • Evolving equipment - To fully evolve an equipment to it's max level (Orange +3) a player will need 1500 equipment shards.


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