What's the Best Lineup?

1: Intro

There is no right or wrong answer to what the best possible lineup can be for you as every situation and every opponent requires a certain skill or set up or simply running the skills you already have at a better time.

This is by design and meant to encourage thought and intracy of hero models and test the user of his skills to evaluate possibilities in any given scenario.

Don't assume what works for one person or you in one instance is global to the whole game when considering getting a hero or leveling them up. It's about effectively working with the right heroes for you. 

2: Beginner guide.

The basics are simple, don't heavily invest in a single hero or early invest in anyone not an Epic besides a few exceptions. Your first hero will be Blitz Bomber. He has some value but not worth investing in even heavily though he may be the best option if you didn't get the 12/25/15 Ambrosia and free Great Sage.

IGG has also given out free Pan Golis for a few month's also.

These are good heroes but don't invest in one hero and neglect the rest completely.  At a young stage one hero does make a difference but that does not last long at later stages. There is no reason for a Blitz Bomber at level 20 skill when those precious rings could have been used for  good heroes that actually compliment him

3: intermediate

There is no such thing as a perfect 5, this question is repeated in the official forums many many times a week with the same answers.

All types of gameplay aren't specific to just 5 players, never have been. There is little doubt about the need for offense and defense in all venue's but the who varies.

4: Lord to be