The Cat's Meow and the Dancing Dragons are places where players may exchange their Mugs for Rings or Souls. Players can get 50 rings or 5000 souls for each mug in The Cat's Meow. This base value can be increased with a Hero Treaty by 50% to 15 rings/750 souls for each mug. Players can access The Cat's Meow by tapping the + sign beside ther ring or soul count.

Players have a chance to win 1-5x the initial rewards per mug (10-50 rings/500-2500 souls)

Players also have a chance to win 1-20x rings for buying chances with jewels (10-200 rings/500-10000 souls)

Each time a player wins, the jewel cost to play the next round increases:

Wins Jewel Cost Per Round
0 50
1 100
2 150
3 200
4 250
5 300

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